Jannat Al Hussain, emerges from the Arabic language to mean Heavens of Hussain. Imam Hussain (A.S), a revered religious figure in Islam, is to many an icon of the rich history of the city, Jannat Al Hussain is located in the vicinity of the holiest shrines in Karbala.

Being built with over a million four hundred thousand square meters of prime land, Jannat Al Hussain has been designed to become the most exceptional residential community of Iraq by bringing together modern infrastructure and architecture design, backed by international experience in construction and services.

These advancements will earn Karbala a new position in the modern age, which can play host to both the historical heritage and support the rebirth to advanced design of a master-planned community.

This project aims to become a state-of-the-art residential community with modern architecture, construction and services, earning its place amongst the 21st century cities of the world, yet still keeping loyal to the heritage of Karbala.

Jannat Al Hussain Residential City will be the flagship project of this calibre in Karbala and in the wider region of Iraq. These efforts are matched to the prospects of Karbala, exercising developments in construction and economy, in addition to urban, scientific and cultural maturity. The sustained efforts have fortified Karbala to become bound for a role of national leadership in the field of construction and progressive development.

Green City Design for the future of Iraq

The residential city has a Green City concept, adopting technology, building and sourcing methods synonymous to international standards of Green Cities. From the blueprints, the fabric of the city has been designed to be integrated with commercial and infrastructure services for water and electricity networks, sewage, irrigation, heat and sound insulation, air conditioning and liquid gas networks all satisfying international standards. The city incorporates an advanced class of roads, complementing their relationship with architectural space and greenery.

Another first feat will be the use of a reliable Fibre Optic internet and communications network, providing land line telephone, broadband internet and TV services in a single solid connection, bringing Karbala in line with the most modern of cities of the world. Jannat Al Hussain has many types of housing formations; these have been designed in accordance to the demands, responses of the Iraqi social fabric, with differing sizes to allow adaptability to the means of individuals and families in Iraq.

Retail recreation
The City will feature a shopping mall to serve the desires of around 25,000 residents of Jannat Al Hussain, Families can enjoy time in the restaurants, cafes and retail shopping areas within the mall, as well as more locally distributed outlets throughout the communities of the residential city for smaller visits and daily essentials.

Luxury living demands exceptional amenities
The City offers a complete and high-end infrastructure, coinciding with international standards. Streets, gardens, ample car parking, children playgrounds, indoor and outdoor swimming pools feature as well as an advanced Sports complex.

The community centre will be accessible for residents to socialise with family and friends, getting together to enjoy good company. The residents, to offer a complete community experience can host private events.

Jannat Al Hussain will also stand out for its advanced security and safety systems and policies to grant the residents a comfortable and wholesome living environment.

Features and services to complete your experience
In a pursuit to provide the best services for the residents, Jannat Al Hussain City will contain health and medical centres, both public and privately operated. Incorporating a dedicated Fire department, Police station, Civil Defence Centre and fully serviced petrol station further supports our promises of accommodating services.

Another point of focus from the developer is to provide educational services in the City, by contributing several schools at both primary and secondary level in addition to kindergartens located conveniently amongst the community, covered by a local transportation network will provide a safe and reliable journey for the pupils.

Fully isolated walls and floors for heat and sound, double-glazed windows, connection to the natural gas network of LPG, Internet, TV communications and a premium grade of elevators provided in all the buildings.

Location of Jannat Al Hussain Residential City
The position of the Residential City, which will contain 5166 residential units, is being built on a land area of 1.4 million square meters within the Karbala City Municipality Zone, adjacent to the Green Belt. All procedures have been achieved for changing the usage of land from an agricultural land to that ready for a safe construction of a residential city. Further efforts are being made to introduce design plans for the Jannat Al Hussain City. The location will guarantee an easier access to the centre of the Old Town of Karbala with direct roads, as Jannat Al Hussain is located less than 7 Kilometres from the Old Town and the holy shrines.